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Nevada County is a wonderful place to discover and revisit and we would like to humbly suggest that this very Nevada County Gold website is the perfect place to make plans whenever you have time you can spend with us. Please think of our site as your...


Foothills & Footlights

Live Theatre & Dance in Nevada County. While our communities may be “small town” in size, our opportunities to enjoy dance and live theatre performance are impressively rich and varied in Nevada County. It’s a tradition that has been part of the...


Top Ten Things To Do In Nevada County

The much-revered American playwright Tennessee Williams once observed that “all great things tend to have a ten in them.” As a man of letters, I would love to properly acknowledge the progenitor of the “Top Ten list as though we invented it but its origin is just too...


Deer Creek Tribute Trail.

Tribute To the Past. After a fine meal in Nevada City you might consider a hike. Part of the ambitious Deer Creek Tribute Trail project was completed this year and already it’s a local favorite. Eventually there will be a 9-mile loop trail from and back to Nevada City. 


Carefully Calculated Spontaneity

We’ve all had those magic moments that seem to arise out of nowhere - the perfect thing happens at just the perfect time and it turns into an all-time favorite experience, memory and story to tell. Well, we’re not here to say we don’t believe magic happens in...


Trails of Two Cities

Both Grass Valley and Nevada City are blessed with public trails. Trails have multiple values and their benefits reach far beyond recreation. Trails can enrich the quality of life for individuals and make communities livable. They also protect, nurture and showcase the region...


Even Great Places Can Slip Away

Reading through a thick stack of newspaper clippings and articles on the topic of an amazing place that used to be is a workout for the imagination.  Especially when the place was huge, vital, and right in the middle of the communities of Grass Valley and Nevada City, yet almost...


Deer Creek School Project

Discover how the historical landmarks of our area weave a tapestry of gold rush history. Learn about the Native Americans, pioneers, early prospectors and Gold Rush women of Nevada City and Grass Valley on this site created by a 1998 sixth grade class...


California Gold Rush History

When gold was discovered at Sutter's Mill on the American River in 1848, it started the California Gold Rush, one of history's largest mass migrations. Here writer Don Baumgart brings the California Gold Rush alive by writing about the people who lived it in over 85 informative...


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